Bad breath or morning breath is a sign of a toxin colon and a toxic body. It is a direct path from your mouth to your colon. Our bodies generally detoxify themselves in evening when we are asleep. They do so because there isn’t any digestion process occurred at this time and our bodies have extra energy to divert to detoxification. Morning breath is a symptom of this detoxification. So greater the toxic level the worse the morning breath will be.

A body that is partially or thoroughly detoxified will no longer have bad or even morning breath. Most if not all, has bad breath in morning or often throughout the day. It is the reason why breath mints, gums, mouth fresheners and mouth washes are becoming popular and expensive every day. But bad smell is just the symptoms of the disaster for our health that is present as filth in our colon.

Body odor is often also the smell of a toxic colon. Similarly a cleansed person will no longer have a need of deodorant and can spend days without showering. Generally children begin to have body odor after age of 12 and this provides the clue as to the age that people really get toxic.

While it is not encouraged to have colon cleansing very often, but we can control some degree of mistreatment that includes eating processed foods, white sugar, fried foods and large amounts of cooked foods. Taking chemical drugs and having chemical in our foods, personal care products and environment is also a type of colon mistreatment.

Bad or morning breath, and body odor are mostly the first signs and symptoms of the presence of the toxic in our body. It might be many more years before other possible signs and symptoms will be seen. But not a single body on planet earth will escape health, emotional or other problems with loads of filth inside.