FLF eBook CoverNowadays people want to stay fit and healthy and to do it, they do everything they can do such as taking exercising, eating supplements and some even go on extremely harsh dieting to burn excessive body fat but it gives them nothing but weakness and various other health related problems. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you better follow a well planned fat loss program which lets you know what exercises and foods will help you in burning fat. Here on this page, Fat Loss Factor by Dr Michael Allen will be reviewed to give you an idea about this fat loss program.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor is a fast fat burning program which has been developed by Dr. Michael Allen. The programs objectives are quite clear and it targets specific needs to burn fat. To restore strength & vitality in human body, you need to boost your metabolism as it plays a major role in producing unnecessary fat in the body. FLF targets your metabolism and boost it to its best which is resulted into fast fat burning process.

The second target of FLF is to train your body for high level of intensity training interval so it can build healthy and stronger muscle tissues as well as stamina. There are various techniques which are being suggested in this program such as having small meals many times a day rather than having heavy ones. Dr Michael strongly advises to include fruits & vegetables in your diet.

Available in 2 Packages

Fat Loss Factor comes in two different packages which are FLF Success Package and FLF Home Edition Accelerator Package. The later has come with few additional features.

Components included in basic package are:

  1. FLF Fat Burning Book
  2. Cleansing Videos
  3. Foojoo Fast Food Software
  4. Grocery List
  5. Exercises from beginner to advanced
  6. Workout Routines
  7. Measurements Form
  8. Goal setting guide
  9. Food Diary
  10. Exercise Log


Additional components included in upgraded Home Edition package are as follows;

  1. Tips To Weight Loss After Pregnancy
  2. Firm Flat Abs
  3. Steps to gain confidence
  4. Stress Management
  5. Advanced Detox Diet
  6. Ultimate Grilling Guide
  7. The Busy Women’s Workout Book
  8. Home Work Out Generator

Introduction to Dr. Charles Livingston

The developer of Fat Loss Factor is Dr. Charles Livingston aka Dr. Michael Allen who is a well known and experienced nutritionist and chiropractic physician. Michael is deeply involved in health and fitness research and has done lots of experiments. His knowledge, skills and experience have enabled him to create a complete fat burning program with which he has helped thousands of people live much healthier and happier life by losing unnecessary body weight.

Free Bonuses with Fat Loss Factor

  1. 1 FULL Year of Email Coaching
  2. Lori’s Special Weight Loss Recipes Book
  3. Fat Loss Factor Fitness Coach (Optional)
  4. 3 Free Videos

Users’ Testimonials

Jenna B User Pic

Cons in Fat Loss Factor Program

  • You need to give full concentration when you will be reading the instructions.
  • In the first week, you might find it quite difficult to follow as detoxification of body is carried out.
  • Some specific types of foods may cost you a little more than the traditional meals.

Pros of Fat Loss Factor Program

  • It is easy and you don’t find any difficulty in following the instructions.
  • The whole training process is natural and you don’t have to take drugs and something likewise.
  • The price is economical and it is available in two different packages.
  • You will receive lifetime updates to your current version.
  • It is quite comprehensive and anyone can easily follow it to achieve massive fat burning.
  • You can get maximum benefits from email coaching.
  • The program can be best fit to your daily schedule to give you 100% results.

Fat Loss Factor Scam?

The detailed review of this product must have given you an idea on how useful it may be for you. It has been used by a number of people and most of them have appreciated it greatly as it has helped them achieve targeted fat loss. It has come in two packages which enable a user to choose the one that best fit his/her needs. One more important thing about FLF is that it has come with a sixty day full money back guarantee which will get back each penny you pay in case, FLF does not work for you.