Acne is a common problem among adolescents because of fluctuating hormones. Usually acne occurs on scalp, chest, face and back. It occurs due to lack of sleep, stress, and unbalance diet.

Recent research has determined various natural treatments that fail-safe and effective for skin. They protect pores of skin from the external harms.

Reading this article will take you to simple, quick and cost-effective skin care solutions that are approved by experts.

6 natural and homemade treatments to prevent pimple and maintaining skin health.

Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is extracted from rooibos. Rooibos is a broom like legume plant. Experts found benefits of rooibos tea for acne treatment.


  • Dip a bag of herbal tea bag in a cup of hot water
  • Wait till it turns brownish color
  • Rub the tea bag on the pores of the skin
  • After 10 minutes wash off the treatment
  • Repeat this 3 times a day for faster results

Mixture of Mint Leaves and Turmeric Powder

This mixture acts as an antioxidant component that can clear up the pimpled skin. Combine the juice of mint leaves with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder.

  • Spread this on the pimpled areas evenly
  • Let the treatment stay on for 15 minutes.
  • Wash off the skin with lukewarm water.

Cayenne Extract with Garlic Oil

This mixture is an organic cleanser and conditioner for the skin. To make this treatment;

  • Use 2 tablespoons of cayenne extract with 2 tablespoons of garlic oil.

How to apply

  • Spread this on acne spots.
  • Leave it for 5 minutes.
  • Wash of the skin with water.

Cabbage and Witch Hazel

This treatment is another herbal paste for acne. To make this natural paste;

  • Blend small amount of witch hazel with few cabbage leaves.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in it.

How to apply

  • With cotton ball, spread the paste on the acne spot
  • Leave it for 15 minutes
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water.

Coriander Juice with Turmeric Powder

This treatment is excellent in eradicating stubborn acne. To make this soothing natural treatment,

  • Mix a small amount of turmeric powder with 1 table spoon of coriander juice.

How to apply

  • Apply the paste on the affected areas of skin
  • Leave them to stay for 15 minutes
  • Wash it off with water to cleanse the skin

Rose Water

A great cleanser for the face is rose water that can increase the healing abilities of the skin. It also skin to get rid of dirt and excess oils. Washing face with rose water 2 or 3 times daily can help increase the natural immunity of the skin against pimples and scars.

There are many other natural, inexpensive and homemade treatments for healthy and youthful skin. So it is no more a difficult thing to stay free from acne.